What to consider if I need a new tank

Selecting a tank

  • You need to select a tank of a size that will accommodate two fills per year

  • Top outlet bunded tanks offer the greatest environmental protection against
    oil escaping through leaks or being overfilled

  • Your new tank must be installed to current regulations or this may impact on your home
    insurance cover

  • Oil tanks installation work should be done by a person registered with a competent persons scheme, i.e. OFTEC registered, or advice taken from your local authority building control department

 What should I do with my old tank?

  • Ideally, a redundant tank should be emptied, removed from site by a licenced waste carrier and disposed of at a site licenced to take in hazardous waste.

  • Any redundant fill pipes should also be removed to avoid a fuel delivery driver inadvertently connecting on to it.

  • If it is not practical to remove a tank and associated fill pipework, the tank and fill pipe should be securely capped and labelled "DO NOT FILL".